As a full service software development group, we are able to work with you from your original conception to execution to maintenance of your application or site. In particular, we do..

Requirements gathering

We sit down with you and figure out what you want you want the application or site to do for you -- communicate information, sell something, manage information in a database, etc. Depending on complexity and budget, we can do this informally -- back of a napkin sketches -- or formally -- user stories, performance requirements and so forth.

Conceptualization and design

Once we have requirements, we can start figuring out how we will implement the required functionality and how the application or site will look and feel. We'll either work with your graphics person or do the graphics in-house. We usually go through several mock-ups in an effort to make sure that everyone is happy.

Coding and testing

With the requirements and a design in-hand, we can start developing your application or site. Although we are technology agnostic, most of applications and sites are built to be deployed on open source stacks. During and after developing the code, we use a combination of automated and manual test tools to verify our solutions.